Post HCG Diet Care for Men and Women

Upon finishing the HCG diet, patients will have most likely reset their metabolisms and learned new eating habits. After finishing the diet, patients can successfully keep the weight off if they avoid going back to diets that are high in sugar, salt, and triglycerides.

Also, the effects of the diet can be kept even more if people take care of their activity and stress levels. While it is unhealthy to return to the same amount of low calories maintained during the HCG Diet, focusing on the kinds of food taken in as opposed to calories is more the most important element of keeping a healthy weight.

Whole Food

Typically, whole food is food that has come out of the ground, off a tree or vine, out of the ocean, or from an animal and has not had anything added to it or undergone any chemical processes. Examples of this may include fresh and not frozen or canned fruits and vegetables, whole grains, such as oats, rice, quinoa, and whole wheat.

Fruit juices have too much sugar, and leafy green vegetables and a variety of colored vegetables, not potatoes are some of the most preferred vegetables. Beans, seeds, and nuts are also healthy sources of nutrients, and proteins such as eggs, poultry, and fish are the healthiest sources of proteins. Foods that should be avoided include red meats, sweets, refined grains, which include pasta, white bread, and white rice, fried foods, or fast foods.


Maintaining a healthy activity level is one of the most important factors to keeping weight off. People can choose activities that they find enjoyable, and exercise does not have to be over strenuous to achieve beneficial effects. Sedentary time, or time spent sitting or watching television should be limited, and adults should do moderate or vigorous exercise during the week.

Two and a half hours of moderate activity, such as bike riding or walking or one hour and fifteen minutes of vigorous exercise such as bike riding or running should be spent each week to maintain weight. To continue to lose weight, one hour a day of moderate to vigorous activity pieced together in ten-minute intervals should be accomplished each day.

Healthy Sleep

Getting regular amounts of sleep is important to maintaining weight loss. Sleep allows the body to repair itself and for the cycles to be reset in a healthy way, which can positively influence metabolism. A healthy metabolism can keep weight down and energy levels up, which can help digestion, reduce sugar cravings, and burn fat during the day.


With today’s busy lifestyles, many people live high stress lives and feel they do not have time for self-care. Increased amounts of stress can cause people to eat on the go, make unhealthy food choices, and eat irregular diets. This can all contribute to weight gain and cause metabolism to decrease. Practices such as meditation, yoga, tai ji, or qi gong can help to reduce stress and allow the body maintain health.

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